What sets INNPRO apart

We define ourselves as a next-generation Value Added Distributor, and comprehensive marketing care for the brands in our portfolio is one of the key elements of our strategy. We follow trends and are constantly looking for new solutions to promote the brands we work with even more effectively. We specialize in digital marketing, as well as in outdoor campaigns.

We have many years of experience in conducting marketing activities. We focus on both internal and external marketing with key business partners. We monitor all the activities carried out on an ongoing basis and flexibly adjust them to the needs of the brand.

In marketing, we focus on building a broad but consistent user experience, no matter where the interaction takes place. We believe in the potential of the brands we have on offer, and treat marketing tools as the key to their success in the marke

Key Opinion Leaders

Content Marketing


Social Media Content

Media publications


Brand marketing

Influencer marketing

Our broad contact base allows us to effectively select influencers who naturally fit into a brand’s philosophy. We work both directly with influencers and with influencer marketing agencies, which allows us to carry out a variety of projects – from complex campaigns to ambassador programs.

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PR and media

We constantly cooperate with the main technology portals in Poland, providing the latest information on products and brands. Through public relations activities, we reach the widest audience possible. PR tools allow us to build a positive brand image and increase brand awareness. In addition to online publications, we also conduct a number of activities with traditional media, such as the press, publishing content in trade and local magazines.

Digital advertising campaigns

Paid ads in Meta Ads and Google Ads networks allow us to reach specific target audiences interested in a particular product category. Having full access to the campaign results in real time, we can flexibly adjust them to get the best outcomes. Image, text, video – we use multiple ad formats to reach different audiences.

Social media

Social media marketing is one of the key activities we carry out for brands under our care. Managing pages and profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Pinterest allows us to directly contact our audiences and provide effective after-sales support.

Cooperation with trading partners

Close cooperation with key trading partners results in direct sales effects and greater visibility of products in their offerings. We promote top products, organize launches and promotions, and take care of the good image of our brands in retail chains. By implementing media plans, we balance both commercial and marketing needs.

Content marketing

Websites - from design to administration

We design and implement sites that combine business objectives with the needs of the audience. Thanks to the use of top solutions, our websites are responsive, fast and visually attractive. We use web analytics tools as standard to respond even more effectively to user needs. A landing page or an online store – we choose the optimal solution for a particular brand.

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Content and SEO

We combine trends and tradition. Both visual and textual content creation are important for us to effectively reach our audience. When creating content, we not only care about its reception by the reader, but also take into account SEO/SEM optimization.

Mailing - always up to date

We build our own recipient bases to be in direct contact with customers interested in a particular brand. We inform about product launches, promotions and brand events.

We also use mailing agencies to reach a wide audience.

POS and OOH campain

Outdoor advertising

Billboards, posters or ads on LCD screens are still important channels for reaching the end customer. Increasing brand awareness, consolidating the image in the memory of the audience, increasing interest in the product category – these are just some of the goals that a campaign in public space allows us to achieve. We carry out outdoor advertisements in large Polish cities often combining them with other activities (e.g. events, stationary store openings).

Events and trade fairs

Activities such as trade fairs, thematic events and special actions (e.g., in stationary stores) provide an opportunity to directly interact with the product and reach an interested customer. We organize them comprehensively, working with a number of partner companies, and our several years of experience in the industry allows us to act effectively.


We support stationary sales by building a consistent customer experience. We treat sales support materials as another opportunity to effectively connect with the customer. Regardless of the type of POS, we always focus on workmanship and usability.

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