The Tools category includes many devices and accessories that should be in the workshop of every do-it-yourselfer. The products available in our wholesale offer will be perfect for small repairs, renovation or construction work.

Tools is a category that includes a wide variety of tools that will come in handy for DIY in the workshop, as well as those that may be necessary during renovation. Among our wide range of wholesale products, you can find a variety of hand tools such as pliers, shoemaker and sheet metal hammers or glue guns. We also distribute pipe wrenches, socket wrenches, as well as sets of precision screwdrivers that will make small repair jobs easier.

Wholesale also includes various types of power tools, including drills, grinders, jigsaws, screwdrivers, which are indispensable for assembly work. We also import and distribute measuring tools. Measuring tapes, laser levels, calipers and rangefinders are devices that will allow you to accurately determine the most important parameters during repair and construction work.

The distribution offer also includes cutting tools such as saws, shears and pruning shears, as well as power generators that will be useful during unforeseen power grid failures.

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