Health & Beauty

INNPRO’s wholesale offer takes into account the needs of people who aspire to improve their wellness. The Health and Beauty category includes devices and accessories, enabling you to achieve the desired results in the process of taking care of yourself in the broadest sense.

We distribute shavers and trimmers that help to effectively eliminate unwanted hair. Also, available for wholesale are sonic toothbrushes and irrigators, whose precise performance allows you to maintain proper oral hygiene.

We also import and distribute facial care devices, for example, massagers, blackhead removers, ultrasonic cleansing devices and facial cleansing brushes.

Wholesale offerings also include products to help maintain a healthy body weight, such as scales and skipping ropes. For active people, we offer various types of body massagers.

Moreover, INNPRO sells hair appliances, including hair clippers, straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers. We also offer protective and anti-smog masks and other accessories, including soap dispensers, replacement blades and heads for shavers and trimmers or dental floss.

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